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All baby-beefs available for fall 2023 are now reserved. The 2024 pre-sale will start in mid-March 2024. To join our waiting list and to be the first to know about the 2024 pre-sale, leave us your details via the order form. Thanks!

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  • SOLD OUT for 2023.
  • SOLD OUT for feb-march 2024
  • On-farm pick-up only, fresh on august 24th or frozen on august 26th, 2023. Please select the desired quantity.
  • On-farm pick-up only, fresh on august 24th or frozen on august 26th, 2023. Please select the desired quantity.
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  • We request a 500$ deposit for each half-animal at the moment of order. An email will be sent to you in a couple of hours following the order submission to perform the deposit via interact or by cheque. CHECK YOUR SPAM, our e-mail might be there! If for some reason, we are unable to deliver the order, this deposit will be fully reimbursed.

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I have more questions (FAQ)

Beef, veal ... baby beef ??

The animals are slaughtered before reaching adulthood. Although they are bovine, it is not exactly like beef that we find at the grocery store. But it is also not about veal meat, which are slaughtered very young. In fact, the exact term is "baby beef" which is the intermediary between the two.

Natural grazing ... why not organic?

Although we believe deeply in the principles and values of organic, we are not certified as such and therefore cannot display our beef as such. The main reason is that calves should be born on our farm. For the moment, our farm does not have the infrastructure required to winter the animals in a comfortable way, so the calves are bought in the spring from Quebec breeders.

What about the sanitary standards?

Our animals are slaughtered in a provincially inspected slaughterhouse. Inspectors and veterinarians are present on-site to ensure that the operation is performed without cruelty and in an infrastructure that meets the highest sanitary standards.

Can I order less than a half-animal?

We sell meat by half animal or whole animal. Indeed, the bilateral symmetry of the beef ensures a fair distribution of the pieces when the animal is divided in two.

Sharing your half-animal with a friend or family member can help you reduce the amount of meat you will receive, as well as the bill. Several clients started by sharing a half with a relative or friend to try the concept. If you choose to do this, be aware that you will need to have the same cuts. We ask you to designate a "spokesperson" who will contact the butcher, when the time comes, to inform him of your choices. In addition, it can happen that each cut does not arrive in even numbers. It will be up to you to split your order fairly. People who know each other well always succeed in doing so, but we prefer to inform you.